Composite Blade Design

Carson Helicopters is experienced in designing, certifying and manufacturing helicopter main and tail rotor blades.

Our helicopter rotor retrofit blades include high twist distributions, swept-tapered tips and modern airfoils to dramatically improve the performance of legacy aircraft.

Our capabilities include bringing a rotor blade project through preliminary design, prototyping, ground test, flight test certification and manufacturing.

Carson’s recent Composite rotor blade experience consists of a certified main composite blade for the S-61 as well as a composite tail rotor blade which is near completion of certification. Our S-61 main rotor blades has been certified by the FAA for a 1,700 lb improvement in lift compared to the original metal blades.

Our facilities include a composite fabrication shop, a fatigue test rig capable of testing blade segments up to 30 ft in length, a CNC machine shop, Ovens, a Heated press, automatic ply cutting, and a large material freezer enabling CHI to quickly internally develop rotor blades.