Carson Helicopters can provide complete overhaul and refurbishment of your airframe including:

  • Comprehensive overhaul of major dynamic components
  • Avionics repair & retrofitting
  • Airframe repair/refurbishment
  • Engine overhaul

Glass Cockpits

Carson’s Glass cockpit adds the safety and navigation features of a modern helicopter to your legacy aircraft

  • Robust and proven in demanding environments
  • Flexible for a variety of missions
  • Low pilot workload
  • IFR certified for Part-29 aircraft

Composite Blades

Carson’s composite blades dramatically improve the safety and performance of your helicopter

  • Bolt-on replacement
  • Improved damage/defect tolerenace compared to metal blades
  • Improved cruise efficiency and lift
  • Used by Marine One

S-61 Upgrades

Carson’s S-61 upgrades enable you to equip your helicopter to match your mission

  • AC Rescue hoist for SAR
  • Martin Baker seats for troop transport
  • Shortening for improved hover & lighter empty weight
  • External tank for fire fighting